About Dr. Fasil Mohammed

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Dr. Fasil mohammed, The Best Homeopathy Doctor from Malappuram

Consultant homeopathy doctor, Counselling psychologist

He is an eminent homeopathic physician and a counseling psychologist at malappuram distric , kerala.
He was graduated from Baghawan Bhudha Homeopathic medical college and hospital, Bangalore at the year 2010. He did his internship at Dr.Padiar memorial homeopathic medical college, Eranakulam
 After that he took his post graduation from calicut university in psychology.
He is one of the members of ASPEN Mediclinics, which is a counsel of expert doctors. ASPEN works to help the patient to get the better treatments by discussing their cases among these eminent doctors.  
He is a member of Indian Homeopathic Medical Association (IHMA) and Indian counselors Association (ICA).   
Dr. Fasil is sub Editor of Liveitstronger.com a very popular health blog.

He started his career at 2010 and made a lot of cures. He worked hard to restore his patient's health to normal state.
He helped many people to make their life easier and healthy. Migraine, piles, Allergies, joint pains, diseases of children, Polycystic ovary, female disorders and infertility are his area of expertise. The calm atmosphere of the clinic and friendly behavior of the doctor made those patient's really happy.

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