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What is homeopathy?
       Homeopathy is a natural, safe, scientific system of healing which recognizes the interaction between our body, the environment and our emotions in illness, rather than focusing just on the disease alone.
Homeopathy has successfully helped people for over two hundred years. It is widely used in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, India and many other countries. It is growing fast in popularity in the U.S. because of its success in healing people, especially those who have not been helped by or given alternatives that work for them by conventional medicine.
Great Britain's Royal Family, Mahatma Gandhi, John D. Rockefeller, Sr., singer Naomi Judd and actress Lindsey Wagner don't seem to have much in common--except that they all have been strong supporters of homeopathic medicine. There is one simple reason that these and other respected individuals from all over the world support and use homeopathy: it works.
Homeopathy (or "classical homeopathy", or "homeopathic medicine") is a powerful healing system that is uniquely able to restore health and well-being by correcting the spiritual imbalance that lies at the core of all illness. Through homeopathy one can gradually and permanently overcome chronic or life-long physical, psychological ailments as well as spiritual obstacles that have not yielded to any other therapeutic approach.

Who can benefit from homeopathic treatment?

    Those whose well-being depends on ongoing intake of medications or adherence to a strict diet and a regimented lifestyle:
 Homeopathic treatment gradually frees people from dependence on external agents for maintaining their inner balance.
    Those who have despaired of all other treatment options (whether medical or alternative) for their chronic condition:
    Homeopathy is capable of stimulating the curative capacities that we all possess, regardless of whether we suffer from a self-limiting illness or from a medically incurable chronic condition.
    Those searching for spiritual healing rather than physical or psychological cure per se:
    Because homeopathy addresses the spiritual level of the individual, it is capable of addressing non-medical issues, acting as a powerful catalyst for long-term character development and the attainment of inner joy and outward creativity.

How does homeopathy work?

Homeopathy can be likened to surgery for the soul, because healing takes place through the precise action of homeopathic remedies on the spiritual core of the person.
By correcting this imbalance, which is always the cause of the physical and psychological ailments that we experience, the balance of body and mind is restored, freeing both to serve the higher purpose of our existence.
Once the spiritual cause of disease is removed, it is regularly observed that vast majority of conditions, even ones considered incurable, begin to shift toward health

How is Homeopathy Different from Other Forms of Medicine?

Have you had situations where despite treatment, your symptoms—and illness—return again and again?
Symptoms are the language that your body uses to tell you it has a problem. Usually an individual goes to a doctor for a specific problem or set of symptoms. You are given a medicine to make the problem or symptoms go away.

But your body produces symptoms as a way of talking to you, to tell you that something is wrong. If the symptoms are removed but the original reason for the symptom is not dealt with, the same problem will return again or will return as another ailment. This is because the root cause—the inner imbalance— wasn't dealt with. Homeopathy seeks to find the root cause and to eliminate it completely.

With good homeopathic treatment, most people feel a greater sense of well being and happiness. Because homeopathic care goes much deeper than most types of treatment, changes in life-long problems, both physical and emotional, have also been reported.

What Happens When a Person Sees a Homeopath? 

When someone comes to us, we conduct a very thorough interview. During this interview, we spend 45 minute or more  talking with them and learning about them.

In most cases we look at everything that is going on in the person’s life, not just their physical symptoms. The same person who comes in complaining of headaches may also have depression, insecurity, low energy and other problems. All of these problems may stem from the person’s same inner imbalance.

Based on that in-depth fact gathering, we decide which remedy is the very best fit for them. This remedy is specifically chosen to most completely match that individual as a whole person to strengthen their body and allow it to heal itself.

Can I take homoeopathic medicine along with allopathic medicine?

Homeopathic physicians love to work in collaboration with general practitioners (GPs) and hospital consultants if both, the patient and the doctor/consultant concerned are in agreement.

Because homeopathic remedies are prepared from natural materials by a special method, which involves considerable dilution, they cannot cause side effects themselves and do not interact with other medicines.

What are the Remedies made from?
Homeopathic remedies are all natural medicines made from herbs, minerals or other natural substances. Homeopathic remedies are officially recognized by the FDA and only manufactured in FDA-licensed pharmacies. (Nothing contained in this leaflet should be taken as individual medical advice or as a substitute for consulting your homeopath or healthcare practitioner).

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